Ponorogo’s unique Chicken Satay

Sate Ponorogo is a variant of chicken satay originating in Ponorogo, a town in East Java. Sate Ponorogo is one of the unique sate variant all over the world because it’s appearence. Ponorogo’s unique Chicken Satay has a whole chicken meat in each skewer. It is different with other satay which contain several dice-sized meat in a skewer.The meat also previously being marinated in spices and sweet soy sauce for quite some times that allowed satay spice to soak into chicken meat. Usualy the foodstand will use a grill that made from terracotta earthenware that have hole in one side to allow blowing the wind onto the burning coal. The grill is replace every 3 months to ensure hygiene of the gril.

Ponorogo’s Unique Chicken Satay usually served with rice or rice cake (also called lontong in Indonesia). This kind of satay use peanut sauce dip, or peanut gravy as a seasoning. The other unique point of Ponorogo Chicken Satay is its durability. It can stand a week after being cook with no taste changed.

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