Colorful Salad with Lettuce

Colorful Salad with Lettuce - vegetarian recipe

Colorful Salad with Lettuce Ingredients

6 lettuce leaves
3 potatoes

1 pack egg free salad

1 can vegetarian scallops (or other similar vegetarian meat)
3 kiwis
¼ pineapple
1 apple

(The above 3 fruits can be replaced by other seasonal fruits)

How to cook Colorful Salad with Lettuce Ingredients

Clean 6 lettuce leaves and dry them. Cut each into a round shape with 10cm in diameter. Cut the rest into thin slices. Peel potatoes, cut into thin slices and soak in the water until the starch from the potato rises to the surface. Remove from the water, rinse, and dry with paper towel.

Fry in hot oil to make crispy French fries.

Thinly dice the peeled fruits

Mix salad with vegetarian scallops. In each round lettuce leaf, add in order some lettuce slices, some French fries, some scallop salad and some fruits.

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